Striving for full satisfaction of its clients, Novico Sp. j. is constantly improving the quality of its services.

One of the elements of that policy was obtaining Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001: 2000 issued in 2004 by the Lloyd's Register (Polska) Sp. z o.o.


NOVICO's quality policy is a system of rules and actions whose aim is to provide and continuously improve the provided commercial services: trading in spare parts for machines and iron and steel raw materials.
We improve the order realization process so as they are:
  • more effective - to better meet client's needs,
  • more efficient - more able to meet client's needs at lowest costs,
  • more flexible - better reacting to the changeability of client's requirements.
We realize our quality policy through:
  • careful selection of suppliers and permanent co-operation with them, which ensures short effective dates and price competitiveness,
  • technical counselling for our present and future clients as regards to the selection of spare parts for machines,
  • meeting clients' requirements taking into consideration a company's profitability,
  • using discrepancy prevention methods in order to increase the client's satisfaction,
  • meeting requirements of standard ISO 9001:2000 and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
We shape a conviction that each employee of the company is responsible for the quality of products and services, and caring about a good level of provided services we create a positive image of the company.

For actions concerning quality
Director of NOVICO Sp.j.
Jan Józefczyk
Stalowa Wola, October 2004.

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